Security locks for trucks, keys to choose the most suitable

Top 6 of the best safety locks for your truck or van

Safety locks for trucks , what aspects should we take into account to choose the most suitable? Can all safety locks for trucks be offer us the same benefits? Here we show you the best safety locks for trucks that you can find in the market.

Year after year they are produced in Europe, < strong> thefts of merchandise in trucks valued at 8,000 million euros . In order to avoid this situation, there are several systems that greatly hinder the feat of truck thieves.

In recent years, the number of highway robberies, mostly committed, has increased by organized gangs, very special hoisted in the theft of trucks.

There are multiple ways "" the thieves "" use to steal merchandise from truckers, from the method of "I surf"the use of inhibitors to attack the victim and thus gain access to his vehicle.

Bearing in mind that the techniques used by thieves of trucks are becoming more sophisticated, it is therefore necessary to design and produce thief-proof truck safety locks .

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Top 6 of the best safety locks for trucks and vans

Currently, there is a wide range of truck safety locks , but when choosing the most suitable one, it is necessary to first carry out a study on which is the most suitable for our truck, taking into account its cars acteristics.

First of all, security locks for trucks must fulfill a premise: how much more difficult it is for the thief to open the truck , the more time you will lose in your feat, so the more possibilities you will have to prevent the crime from being carried out.

The offer of closings of Truck security is vast, but at Storecargo we wanted to make a selection of the security locks that offer greater security to the carrier, which can be installed in both vans and trucks.

1. SBS BDL maximum security shutdown

The security lock for BDL truck secures the doors of the truck and It makes it very difficult for the thief to cut the lock with a radial saw, so if you are looking for the maximum safety for your truck and want to "" heal yourself in health "", the one we present below is the most recommended among all < strong> safety locks for trucks .

The safety lock for trucks BDL has a locking system Made of sturdy steel adaptable to trailers with swing doors and temperature controlled trailers.

What distinguishes this lock from the rest of the safety locks for trucks?

  • The padlock is protected with a solid steel system, so it is very difficult to cut it with a radial saw and they have a very powerful deterrent effect.
  • It has an installation kit for refrigerated trailers
  • Has a flexible key system

How does the SBS BDL maximum security lock work?

The safety lock for SBS BDL trucks is fixed to the right door of the truck with screws and is welded to the chassis d This one, so that the special anti-theft padlock PL7000, included in the locking system, is protected.

The PL7000 padlock of this security lock

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