How to choose a cargo hold bar?

How to choose a cargo hold bar?

Storecargo's cargo holding bars are ideal for holding cargo, but do you already know how they work?

We must place them between the ground and the roof of the truck to that the load is perfectly supported behind the bar.

We can use them both horizontally and vertically, and it is a frequently used restraint system.

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Cargo hold bars Which option should I use?

1. Cargo STA Cargo Hold Bar (2300-2940mm)

The Cargo STA is a Cargo Hold Bar that adjusts via a manufactured zipper made of the highest quality aluminum.

How is it used?

The bar features a gear suspension mechanism that allows you to hold the load both vertically and horizontally, between the floor and ceiling or between the walls of your truck.

As aspects to mention it is worth mentioning that the bar is adjustable in 2300-2940mm by means of a zipper and has a weight of 6 kg.

It can be used in the following versions:

  • With two rubber stops
  • With rubber stop and metal stop
  • With two metal stops

The bar cargo securing system Cargo STA has a very competitive price and you can have it from 36 € .

You can access this bar here .

2. Cargobarr cargo grab bar

The Cargobarr is a cylindrical cargo grab bar made of steel, and in the same way as the Cargo STA , is placed between the walls of the truck or between roof and floor. The Cargobarr bar contributes to the division of spaces, since it allows to organize the load much better, favoring its security.

We can use it on universal or hole rails, as is the case with the universal rail.

As for its characteristics:

  • It is adjustable from 2100 to 2800 mm.
  • It has two rubber stops
  • Weighs 4.5kg
  • Its diameter is 38mm

If you are interested in this loading bar you can get it for only € 26 here .

3. Cargo Keeper Cargo Holding Bar

This steel cargo holding bar is powered by a gas piston and is adjustable from 2300 to 2800 mm.

The bar has a ratchet mechanism that expands it so that it can be placed between the walls of the trailer or the floor and ceiling. Its two stops are able to absorb pressure and grip while distributing the load.

It has a highest quality steel tube and is capable of withstanding up to 120KG of pressure.

If you are interested in this bar, you can get it from € 95 through the next link .

4. Round Telescopic Bar

The Round Telescopic Bar is a load securing system made of steel and adjustable from 2170 to 2510 mm.

It can be easily placed between the walls of the truck using its button or where the universal rail .

Likewise, it has holes where the cylindrical anchors are located at the ends of the bar.

Regarding its characteristics, we can mention the following:

  • Features an outer outer Ø tube 42 mm
  • With Ø35 inner tube
  • The bar has a weight of 8.2 Kg

You can have this bar for so < strong> only € 25 through the

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