Slide Therm transparente

Slide Therm Sliding Thermal Blanket

Slide Therm thermal separator

The Slide Therm, or sliding thermal blanket, is an ideal thermal separator for urban distribution, since it has an easily sliding thermal blanket that avoids moving the separator every time merchandise is unloaded.

The Slide Therm sliding thermal blanket performs the same function as the Cargo Colg thermal separator, since it separates the goods at various temperatures in a refrigerated truck, but with a particularity, and is that it opens and closes like a curtain, thus simplifying the step of moving the thermal separator and placing it again.

This fact makes the Slide Therm ideal for urban distribution.

During delivery, the doors of the truck constantly open and close, thus losing control of the temperature, so the refrigeration team makes an unnecessary effort, and the cold chain can be broken at any time.

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What is the difference between the Cargo Cold thermal separator and the Slide Therm sliding thermal blanket?

1 .- The Cargo Cold thermal separator has mats that fold down, so they open just like a door. If there are boxes or pallets in front they must be removed before to separate the separator. Carrying out this action repeatedly is not feasible in the urban distribution, because a lot of time is lost and temperature is lost.

2 .- Opening the thermal separator means removing a sheet, this is 50% of the separator that maintains the temperature in its sector. This causes a large leak of refrigerated air, and at the same time a rapid rise in temperature, so the cold equipment must start again to achieve the desired temperature.

3. - With the Slide Therm, it is only necessary to open a few centimeters to pick up the merchandise and close by sliding the gate easily to the wall . In summary, it only takes a few seconds between opening, collecting the merchandise and closing it again, so temperature is not lost and the cold chain is preserved.

Advantages of the Slide Therm sliding thermal blanket

  • Makes it possible to maintain the optimum temperature throughout the delivery without forcing the team to cold.
  • Time is saved between download and download
  • It has a thermal transfer coefficient of K = 0.05 certified by the laboratory.
  • It is washable and waterproof
  • It has a high resistance fabric and interior reinforcement
  • It is made to measure for each vehicle

If you want to see a sample of the Slide Therm sliding thermal blanket, or want more information about it, you can contact us by next link , or by calling us at 911263662 and we will offer you the most appropriate solution for your case.

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