Thermal separator for truck

A thermal separator is a cargo separator that organizes the merchandise in different temperatures inside a refrigerator truck, semi-trailer or van, allowing to maintain the adequate temperature in each case.

Through the cold separators we can have various temperatures:

Bi-temperature: refrigerated / dry; fresh / dry; frozen / fresh;

Tri-temperature: frozen / dry / fresh.

Thermal separators are named in many ways by bodybuilders: refrigerator truck mat, separator partition load, thermal divider, separator panel, divider panel, cold separator, partition wall, thermal blankets, etc.

What is a thermal separator made of?

A thermal separator is made up of a core formed by two independent panels that give it rigidity and robustness. It is covered by reinforced PVC at the bottom, and has foam on the frame to allow it to fit better between the walls and roof of the truck. It also has reinforcements on its edges and angles to avoid bumps and chafing.

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Advantages of Storecargo thermal separators

They promote fuel economy if the vehicle is not fully loaded. Every time merchandise is unloaded, the door of the truck opens, so the cold equipment must start to recover the desired temperature. The larger the truck, the longer it will take to reach the optimum temperature. Thermal separators reduce spaces as the merchandise is unloaded, thus maintaining the appropriate temperature in each section and preserving the cold chain without forcing the cold equipment more than necessary.

It is custom made to fit perfectly between the walls and roof of the vehicle.

It has a heat transfer coefficient of K = 0.03 , certified by the laboratory, which makes it easy to insulate one of the lowest on the market.

Its rigid core allows it to continue to exert pressure between the ceiling and walls. It does not bend or stand.

It has a socket at the bottom that contributes to lengthening the useful life of the separator.

Can be customized with inserts (bi-temperature gutter, hooks, wheel loops, etc.), Electric ventilation kit, return window.

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